Friday, 28 March 2014


This week we started our vocab as we need to expand our vocabulary to improve our writing. Every week students will be given a word they need to find the definition of, find the origin of the word, synonyms and antonyms, draw a picture representing the word and then finally use the word in a sentence. This week the word was 'Bungalow'. Most students returned with a sentence along the lines of, 'I live in a bungalow'. This uses the word correctly however doesn't paint much of a picture for the reader. This student below not only used the word correctly but told a story in one sentence - 'There is a silence outside our bungalow but from time to time the evening wind whispers gently to us'. I thought that was outstanding! A challenge to all students now - get your work on our blog!

Thursday, 27 March 2014

White Water Rafting


Today in music we learnt all about the guitar. There are 3 main types. Acoustic, electric and base. They usually consist of 6 strings, made of either nylon or metal. They were first known to be used around the 12th century. They are played by strumming or plucking the strings. The sound then travels inside the body of the guitar and echos, therefore, making the sound. Next week we will be able to start to learn them!

By Olivia K


Inline image 1
On Tuesday the 11th of March, half the class went to Pottery and half the class next to Art. In week one and two of Pottery  we got given two different sized pieces of clay and we had to make something on the pottery wheel. During last weeks  lesson we found out that we had to start planning/ drawing a  Dr Seuss inspired  house on a piece of paper, so next this week we could start making our simple Dr Seuss houses out of clay.

By Madi

Friday, 21 March 2014


Here are some links to assist your learning and understanding of simple, compound and complex sentences.
Sentences: Simple, Compound, and Complex
Sentence structure practice game
Links to different activities

What do good writers do?


Today in Technology we are working on our second can stove.Our second can stove has to be different to our original one and it can not just be the same thing with holes at the top.We started making these can stoves for camp.We made them to learn how to survive with a small,light,heat source for cooking and warmth.                   


Yesterday at the end of the day 8GMc departed to the science lab, also known as Mr Velsian's lair. He showed us this blue crystals called copper sulphate which is found in the blue lakes. We had to heat it and compare the change to a lava lamp. When we heated it up it turned white and almost like gravel. We then added a couple drops of water into it and it heated, bubbled up and changed back into the original blue crystals it was before. This shows that you don't need heat for something to change. 

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Waikato BOP Team Triathlon

On Tuesday the 18th, selected Southwell Students traveled to Lake Karapiro to compete in the Waikato Bop team triathlon. We had three people from our class (8GMc) competing, and a few more from year seven and eight. Southwell had a very successful day coming back to school with 2 out of 4 teams that got a place. Georgia, Charli and Maddy got a first in the year eight girls. And Sacha, Gemima and Gina also got a first in the year seven girls. Overall we had a great day!

Monday, 17 March 2014


On Wednesday I went down to Hereworth in the Hawkes bay.We got billeted. My billets were very nice. We went up the hill by their house and we could see all over the Hawkes Bay and Napier. The next day they took us back to Hereworth School. We went to chapel then we got changed and warmed up our arms.
We played three games, each gave consisted of  3 innings. We lost two games and drew one. Their pitcher was really fast so most of our team found it hard to hit the pitch. We had lunch  where the cricket was then we got on the bus and drove home but stopped at McDonalds for dinner.

Olivia B

Wednesday, 12 March 2014


During library today we looked at the library seach catelogue. We are lucky to have such an amazing resource at our finger tips and such fantastic librarians.


Yesterday in art we started making our Dr Susses boxes. These boxes are going to have our work on them that we drew last week in Art. When we have made our boxes we will stick our art work on them and then put a nice clear coat of paint on them and then they will be ready for display.

By Lara

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Blog Timetable

Starting this week students will be adding pieces to our class blog. Each week five students will be responsible for writing a piece about what they have been doing in different classes. Please feel free to add comments or ask questions in the comments section. We will be starting with week 6.

Week 6
Week 7
Week 8
Week 9
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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Back to business

Today we are getting back to our normal routines after a fantastic week at camp. Maths followed by writing and drama were the order for the morning. After morning tea we made our way to art or pottery to carry on with our work we started before camp. We definitely have some talented students in 8GMc!