Setting up your Blog

Here you will find a bunch of videos to help you set up your Blogger blog. Watch them, pause them, use them to help you set up your blog. The best things about videos are you can work at your own pace! Make sure when watching the videos to change the quality or they may appear fuzzy - and that will make it hard to follow. Happy blog making.

Uploading a Template
Comment Moderation
Adding a Blog Description
Making a Post and Adding Labels
Adding a Video to your Post

 Adding a Gadget
Changing Time Zone
Adding Pages
Adding a Picture or Photo to your Post
How to Embed a Google Doc
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  1. Thank you for these great clips! I am teaching my colleagues up in Auckland how and why to blog with their classes and these will be very helpful!

    1. Hi Anna - thanks for looking at my class blog and I am glad you have found something useful. I will keep adding different things throughout the year so be sure to check back. Good luck with teaching your colleagues - hopefully it goes well. If you need anything be sure to get in touch. Cheers, Glen


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