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Mind Meister for Google is an easy to use online mind mapping tool. Simpy go to the add on store, down load the add on and use to quickly and easily plan your writing. Make sure you change the quality of the video or it will be blurry.

Free online voice to text converter. Use your voice to tell your stories. Easy to use. Once finished copy and paste and save in your drive and there you have your writing!

Use this easy Google Add on to reference books, journal articles and websites easily and accurately every time! Add a bibliography to the end of research to ensure you give credit where credit is due. This is something students will be doing in high school and university so a good idea to start getting used to it now.

Thesaurus for Google Documents revolutionizes your experience by helping you explore synonyms, antonyms and more. Simply install and highlight words to get synonyms to make your writing even better!

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