Camp 2016

CAMP 2016

On the Sunday, the 21st of February, 8GMc will be making the long journey to Tonagariro National Park for Year 8 Camp! We will be challenged over and over again for the week taking on activities such as river rafting, over night camp, mountain biking, high ropes and hiking the "Tongariro Crossing". It is important students are well equipped for this camp and the camp gear list can be found below.

Tongariro Alpine Crossing - an awesome site that provides a whole lot of information on the crossing and area.

Giardia Web Site

Camp Gear List


  1. Hi its Hamish.The activitie I'm looking ford to the most is the over night because we stay out in the bush and cook our own meals.

  2. On camp I will be looking forward to being pushed out of my comfort zone and trying new things. One of the activities I am looking forward to is white water rafting as I have never done and always wanted to.

  3. I'm looking foward to the mountain biking because our family does a lot of biking trails

  4. I am really looking forward to the tongariro crossing. It will be an amazing experience and a challenge for me. I will need to get a bit fitter for it.


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